Small Animal Surgery


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Shiner Animal Hospital performs both elective and emergency small animal surgical procedures.

Elective surgery is a surgery that is able to be scheduled in advance. It is a surgery that often improves quality of life but does not address life-threatening conditions. Examples include:

         Ovariohysterectomy (OHE, spay): At this time, we are able to spay female dogs and cats.

         Orchitectomy (Castration, neuter): At this time, we are able to neuter male dogs, cats,             and rabbits.

         Skin tag/small lump removal

Emergency surgery is a surgery that must be performed in a timely manner to address an urgent or life-threatening medical condition. Examples include:

         Gastrotomy/Enterotomy (foreign body removal)

         Caesarian section (C-section)

         Pyometra surgery

Our veterinarians will counsel you on how best to plan for an elective surgery or what to expect if preparing for an emergency surgery. Please keep in mind that the costs associated with surgery are impacted by the need for:

         Pre-anesthetic bloodwork

         Safe Anesthesia/Anesthetic monitoring

         Appropriate and sterile instruments/suture material

         Time needed to complete surgical procedure

         Adequate pain control

         IV fluid support and Heat support


         Post-anesthetic monitoring

         Appropriate discharge instructions and medications

We do offer Care Credit as a financing option for those who may find it difficult to pay the entire balance in full at the time the surgery is performed.