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A thorough history and physical exam are the first steps in accessing the health status of your pet or livestock. However, diagnostic testing is often needed to confirm a diagnosis and initiate an effective treatment plan. We also use diagnostic tests to monitor disease progression and/or response to treatment over time. We offer a wide-range of in-house diagnostic tests with quick and accurate results, including:

  • Fecal exams (to check for intestinal parasites/worms)
  • Urinalysis (to check for infections or crystal formation in the bladder)
  • Heartworm testing
  • Parvovirus testing
  • Feline Leukemia and FIV testing
  • Ear and skin cytology (to check for bacterial and yeast infections)
  • Dermatophytosis/Ringworm testing
  • Complete Blood Cell Counts (to check for signs of anemia, infection, etc)
  • Blood Chemistry and Blood Electrolyte Levels (important in evaluating liver and kidney function, etc)
  • Digital Radiography (can be used to evaluate the lungs and heart, the musculoskeletal system, abdominal organs, etc)
  • Ultrasound (both large and small animal compatible, can be used to confirm pregnancy, evaluate abdominal organs, etc)

For conditions requiring more specialized testing, we can send blood and tissue sample to outside labs for evaluation (thyroid testing, Cushings testing, cancer screening, etc) and/or refer patients to a veterinary specialty center (to get a CT scan, MRI, echocardiogram, etc).