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The SAH veterinary team is proud to be able to provide expert health care for a variety of livestock. We examine and treat cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats on a regular basis. We also have experience in caring for bison, deer, and llamas. We have the equipment and staff needed to handle most large animal emergencies in-house. We also have a fully-equipped vet truck which enables us to treat many conditions on-site at your farm or ranch. Our services range from routine to specialty and include:

  • Squeeze tilt chute for lameness and hoof care
  • Breeding soundness exams/Trich testing
  • Artificial insemination
  • Pregnancy checks, with and without ultrasound
  • Castration
  • Obstetrics, including assisted-delivery and Caesarian-sections
  • Dehorning, both routine and cosmetic
  • Vaccinations
  • Branding