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Equine Dentistry

Professional equine dental care provided by a trained practitioner helps to keep your horse healthy and happy. Routine dental care can improve your horse's ability to eat their food and prevent abnormal tooth wear. In addition, horses that have bits placed in their mouths frequently benefit from dental care as well.

As a horse ages, its teeth wear down. This is a normal process in the horse and is different than what we see in thee teeth of small animals or people. Regular attention to your horse's teeth by a well-trained and skilled dentist will help to preserve the function and health of your horse's teeth of the years to come.

Equine Castration

Castration is a surgical procedure performed by your veterinarian that can help eliminate unwanted aggressive male behaviors and prevents the animal from reproducing. Castration is also known as gelding, cutting or emasculating. Castration of the horse is a common surgery that removes the testicles of the male horse. The testicles produce the hormone testosterone that develops the masculine state of the male. Testosterone is the hormone that gives the male hose the large neck, more heavily muscled appearance and aggressive behaviors. Castration is used to control the aggressive behavior. Although castration is a common surgery performed by veterinarians, it should not be considered routine. There are many complications that can occur and some can be life-threatening to the horse.

Other Equine Services

  • Ultrasound
  • Lameness exams
  • Digital radiology
  • Vaccintions
  • In-house Coggins lab
  • Vet Rapid lab
  • Endoscopy